Become a Better, Stronger You

Become a Better, Stronger You

Become a Better, Stronger YouBecome a Better, Stronger You

About Me

  Lisa has heard the calling for a long time, the calling to a greater purpose to help bring awarness to others. Lisa's inspiration is in working with her personal relationship with spirit to guide others to seek deeper into their own spiritual wisdom.  The purpose of this connection is to awaken the life purpose of others and shift their energy to help them align with a higher vibration that everyone has. Lisa works with energy using her intuitive abilities to sense the energy around a person. The intention of this is to help others to retrieve their true personal beliefs, faith, and understanding. We have many choices to make until our passing; what we do and how we choose to live our lives is important to our future in this life and in the spirit world.

 Lisa realizes that each and every person has to seek their own way on a path in what they believe to be their truth. She will help guide you with higher energies to this destination in a way that is unique to you with the awareness of your own self discoveries within you own experiences; each experience has a soul-purpose that was intended personally for you. Staying in alignment with your true self helps you achieve your growth and reach your goal.

 Lisa understands that enlightenment by itself is not enough. Putting this into action empowers her in her purpose to be a "Quantum Life Coach" so that she can bring a sparkle to other's existences who are seeking their own empowerment. Lisa works with Quantum Touch Healing Energy which is a way of using spiritual energy to promote healing; this is a magnificent source of love and energy that creates a powerful healing for the mind, body & soul.

Join Lisa with the love and the sharing on Inner Spirit Rhythm.